BLIZZ AIR lasers combine excellent performance with lowest cost-of-ownership in an air-cooled design. Output powers up to 30W and pulse widths below 25ns enable new high-tech applications with unprecedented reliability.
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  2. 1064
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  Power Peak Power Repetition Rate Spatial Mode Pulse Width Pulse Energy
532-25-V 25W @ 40kHz > 31kW @ 40kHz Single Shot to 300kHz M2 < 1.3, TEM00  < 20ns @ 40kHz 625µJ @ 40kHz
   Power Peak Power Repetition Rate Spatial Mode Pulse Width Pulse Energy
1064-30-V 30W @ 100kHz > 7.5kW @ 100kHz Single Shot to 300kHz M2 < 1.2, TEM00 < 40ns @ 100kHz 300µJ @ 100kHz
  • Superior pulse-to-pulse stability
  • High peak power and short pulse width
  • Compact & rugged industrial design
  • Easy integration and service
  • Compact 48 VDC OEM power supply

Superior Reliability. Lowest Cost-of-Owndership. No Water.

The BLIZZ AIR is the latest addition to our line-up of Q-switched DPSS lasers, engineered for superior reliability and performance. Coming with a disruptive cost-performance ratio the BLIZZ AIR is made for demanding 24 / 7 industrial applications that require excellent performance on an air-cooled laser platform. The new design of the BLZZ AIR cuts down system costs significantly without any trade-offs in quality or laser lifetime. The rugged laser head comes with an exceptionally small 48 VDC power supply for OEMs or optionally with a 1 RU power supply using the field proven InnoLas Laser Control Interface that is common to all InnoLas Photonics industrial lasers.

  • Umbilical length 1-10 m
  • 45° connectors at the laser head
  • 19“ power supply
  • Beam expander box
  • Variable attenuator box
  • Scan head adapter flanges