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  • Your application requires an optimized laser design
  • You need a dedicated software
  • You need a customized interface
  • You need an individual hardware
  • You need a special OEM version
  • You need a Drop In Replacement Kit for laser xx from vendor xy
  • We can help you!

Since today's demanding applications deserve optimized laser parameters, we do not only sell off-the-shelf products. We can tailor our laser design, hard- or software to perfectly fit your individual application needs.
  • Umbilical lengths up to 20m
  • Rectangular connectors at the laser head
  • Ready for scanner box with beam expander and scan head adapter
  • Ready for scanner box with zoom beam expander
  • Integrated pulse picker AOM
  • Beam delivery optics
  • Camera modules
  • 24VDC power supplies
  • Chillers for 1 or 2 lasers, water-air or water-water
  • Air or water cooled base plates
Our product families offer a variety of solutions for your application. Our engineers will be yours to assist you!